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Posted by ENJERUNE - 1 month ago

Im currently in need for a drawing tablet for school work since im currently using one that i borrowed from someone and im not going to be able to use it all the time. So im gonna need to make some illustration commission work.

So here is the info + Examples.

Feel free to ask questions, ask for more examples in the coments or via note/PM.




Posted by ENJERUNE - August 26th, 2021

Oh hey, im working on a full reference image for my mascot PB so, what would you like to know about her? Please let me know!!

I want more than basic info to fill this image so i think it would be fun to give some random facts about her so feel free to ask!!

here is a sneak peak



Posted by ENJERUNE - August 26th, 2021

Hihi. First things first hello new followers!! noticed some people suddenly following me, so uhh thanks!!!!

ok now the other stuff.

I apologize for inactivity, i only upload big stuff here(which havent been a lot latetly :( sorry) , usually doodles and silly things i upload them to twitter so im usually more active there. so i suggest to follow me there.

Secondly, the reason for my inactivity was that recently an uncle of mine recently and sadly died from diabetes and since im fat and from a family with many people with those issues i had to go to a medical appointment in other state as a precaussion and currently im on a diet and medication for anxiety + im going for an hour long walk daily, so i have to get used to my new schedule with a bit less time.

Third thing, my school is a fucking mess and i haven't recived the bill i need to pay to re-enroll so im not able to study yet, so i've been with that too

and final point

I got a new computer!! its a Mac 2013 so i need to get used to it since i never used macOS. I still need to get stuff from my laptop and it takes me a while since i need to pass everything non compatible with mac to a Bootcamp windowsOs and boy oh boy its exausting and tedious haha

In the meantime ive been working on a personal project, mostly writting, world building and developing and testing a thingie so nothing i can show here yet, but it has something to do with that AL character. It might take a while so im not sure if i will give it a try just yet.

Oh yea and also commissions (these are semi-open, mostly for friends and people I interacted before and trust, so at the moment can't take much commissions yet)

Posted by ENJERUNE - April 28th, 2021

@alanng is bald


Posted by ENJERUNE - April 24th, 2021

I'll be streaming next saturday so feel free to join!!!


Posted by ENJERUNE - November 21st, 2020

YOOOOOO thanks y'alllll!!!!! 
really apreciate your support, i cant thank you enough!!!


Posted by ENJERUNE - November 16th, 2020

iu_195273_7434213.jpgSome recent news. I’m technically in art school which is great but I have so much to do for homework and stuff so I’m pretty busy. Uhhh tbh I haven’t drawn that much other than my boring homework so idk I don’t think people are so interested in amateur vessel drawings for now. So I won’t be posting for a while here.

Tho if you want to interact more with me check out my twitter and Instagram where I don’t post art either but I’m up for a talk. I don’t really use NewGrounds for chatting so I don’t think I can respond so quickly here, so sorry if you get a late reply from here.

Also I think my discord server died.


anyways hope you guys have a good time here, as always thanks for the interest in my art. Even if I don’t post I really appreciate anyone who likes what I do :>


Posted by ENJERUNE - September 14th, 2020

Hello. Just letting you guys know that I’ve been busy, just wanted to say that I’m working on two reanimated collab scenes and a big halloween collaboration with a friend of mine. Really want to show you guys the finished product of all of that but first I need to finish them.



Now changing themes. Hello! just noticed that a lot of people started to follow me here on NewGrounds from the Zelda CDi collab so welcome to my account and thank you for following and support!! Hope to bring new content for all of you! I’m glad you guys like my stuff!!!



Anyways. Again. I almost hit 100 followers here in NewGrounds

Im quite new in this website (made this account in 2019) so I’m quite surprised on how fast I reached that goal, I actually expected to get that much attention in at least 2 years. So all I can do is thank you guys for all this! Hopefully I’ll be able to post some WIP and more art soon so stay tuned!



Posted by ENJERUNE - July 14th, 2020

I might come back. I really like newgrounds but sometimes I find it a little unpractical. For now I’ll just let you know that in general I’m not so active because I’m working on two animated shots for 2 reanimated projects.